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Angelina Jolie Last Iconmaker Standing Community
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Welcome to jolie_lims - Angelina Jolie Last Icon Maker Standing community founded be lovely supc4ik.
Your mods:


- Please join the community and sign up before the beginning of the challenge.
- You must submit your entries in following format:
- Every round you'll have to vote for icon which has the best quality and the worth quality.
- When you vote for the icons you should should give reasons why you vote for it.
- Your reasons must be connected with quality of icon, not just because you don't like it. They should be like "coloring is too pale" or "it is too sharpened", not like "I hate it" or "it's ugly".
- The icon with the most negative votes will be eliminated.
- Final round will be when we have 3 participants left.
- Every participant will have ONE skip, skips are not allowded in the first round. You can recieve second skip if you promote jlo_lims in your lj or community. You should promote before first challenge of session is closed.
- All icons should be new and never posted before.
- Participants may not vote for themselves. When it comes down to a just a few participants remaining, participants will no longer be allowed to vote at all.
- You can invite your friends to join and vote, but you are not allowed to tell them which icon is yours.
- You must use the pictures provided for each round to make your icon (if not differently stated). Brushes, textures, text and blending are allowed. Animation is not allowed. This rule is optional, all challenge rules details you'll find in challenge post. Read them attentively.
- Finally, please do not delete your icons from their servers until you either win or are disqualified.
- You will be given 5 days to sumbit your icons.
- If deadline is over, you may vote and enter challenges.
- Please follow the rules.


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Social capital

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